About Us

Barrier Beach Properties, Inc. is a New York State Licensed Real Estate Brokerage firm represented by Linda Cahill and Eugenie Meluso.

  • Linda Cahill
  • Eugenie Meluso

E-mail Linda, E-mail Eugenie, or give us a ring at (631) 583-7600.

For the past three decades the brokers from Barrier Beach Properties have successfully represented Saltaire’s most discerning clients, offering an exceptional level of service and integrity.  Linda Cahill and Eugenie Meluso have an in-depth understanding of the ever-changing real estate market and they represent Saltaire homeowners, buyers and tenants.

Linda and Eugenie are courteous professionals who offer strategic marketing expertise.  They have a solid understanding of Saltaire’s real estate trends and a comprehensive knowledge of the various regulatory guidelines that buyers need be aware of in making home purchase decisions.

Linda Cahill, a long-time resident of Manhattan and Saltaire, is the founder and President of Barrier Beach Properties.  Her understanding of Saltaire’s regulations and history enhance her ability to successfully advise homeowners, buyers and tenants.

Eugenie Meluso is a NYS licensed real estate broker living and working in Bronxville and Saltaire.  Eugenie’s ability to match buyers and renters with available homes has been a great source of her success.  Her thorough understanding of marketing conditions allows her to effectively provide quality service to owners, buyers and renters.

Linda and Eugenie look forward to helping you find the perfect summer home in Saltaire.